Interview with Denise on Personal/Professional Balance

What sacrifices have you had to make in order to become successful?

I had to really sacrifice a lot in my personal life and family life. I couldn’t always go out with my friends or spend a lot of time with my friends and family. I put more emphasis on the business relationships than the personal relationships. It was a conscious decision to put the business first.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Running and walking. I like to get out and do things that are physical. I think it’s important to do things to improve your health and take care of your body. Also, I really like to be in nature and connect with God’s beautiful Earth.

How do you find a balance between personal and professional interests?

Balancing is really a challenge in my life and I know so many other people have a hard time finding balance. Right now in this moment I’m still trying to find balance. Sometimes it seems like time is my enemy because there’s so much to do in a limited amount of time that it forces me to prioritize. There’s always something to do in the business and in service to God. However, recently I’ve felt like I’m approaching a new journey. I’ve experienced some eye opening situations that taught me that it’s ok to have fun. In fact, I’m learning that I deserve to have fun. The more I give myself permission to relax and have a life outside my work I find I enjoy it more and more. I’ve always been so focused on work so the balance is something new for me, but it’s really been transformative.

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