Inspiration from Denise

How did you know that you wanted to write your book?

It entered my mind about 5 years ago. I came from nothing and I created something so first I felt like I was a nobody but what I learned was that I was a nobody that knew somebody that could save everybody. I heard that from a minister who really enjoyed my book and introduced me of this profound phrase from a song. I had been on TV and done seminars and I thought people could use the knowledge I’d found. Then, I saw someone die right in front of my eyes.  I had the experience at the beginning of the book and I was shocked. I realized I needed to do something with my life. The Lord can save someone through your work.

What was the first step in completing it?

To find someone I trusted. It’s more than just being connected. It’s trusting someone who believes in your dreams and can help you. I had to find someone who believed in my vision because not everyone believes in you and your vision. Even your friends might say they believe in you but their actions don’t prove that. So you have to find the person you’re willing to work with. You have to interview people and you’ll need to pay someone as an editor and to assist you and do the graphics. There’s so many dynamics to it and you need someone who can help you do the things you don’t know how to do.

What was the biggest obstacle in publishing your book?

Time. Time is the biggest enemy. I have a lot of talents and a few treasures but it’s always limited time. I have a lot of commitments. God is my main focus so He gets most of my time. But if I do believe that if you have the deep determination to succeed you will not fail so continue to dare to dream.

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